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MINIMUM WAGE PART 1: Minimum Wage Hurts Those it Seeks to Help

Most everyone wants more money in their pockets so the initial answer is to raise minim wage and allow those lower on the employment ladder a little extra money, or in some cases give them the money they need to survive. Senator Edward Kennedy was the leading champion of raising minimum wage so that an… Read more

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HR, The Champion of Employees

I believe that one of the main duties of HR is to champion the employees. A good HR department should be a place where employees may take their concerns with confidence that their concerns will be heard and if possible acted upon. This means that at top meetings including “at the table” meetings the HR… Read more

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New Hiring Laws – Outsourcing is the Solution

Employment laws are always changing. Just the other day I read a SHRM article on two bills currently being debated in congress. These bills would make it illegal for businesses to discriminate based upon current employment status when hiring new employees. One bill states, “An employer that is found to have violated the act would… Read more

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Onboarding Assessments: Giving New Hires the Chance to Succeed, Part II

Shortly after joining Decision Wise, I had the opportunity to take several more assessment tests that helped me better understand myself. One of the most helpful was the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI). I already knew that my dominant conflict style is to confront, but I was surprised to learn that accommodation was such a… Read more

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Onboarding Assessments: Giving New Hires the Chance to Succeed, Part I

Many companies administer some sort of assessment test as part of the hiring process. Proctor and Gamble is renowned for its online evaluation that perspective candidates must pass in order to proceed to an interview. As a new collage graduate, I recently applied and interviewed for jobs at about a dozen companies; the majority of… Read more

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